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Aligned With Your Priorities

We match you with a portfolio that fits your specific goals, time horizon, and risk profile.

Designed by Professionals

Our portfolios are built by experienced investment managers, who closely follow markets trends.

Automatic Rebalancing

Your portfolio automatically responds to changing market conditions and rebalances as necessary.

Low Cost

Get a J.P. Morgan managed portfolio with a 0.35% advisory fee1 and select fund fees returned to you.

Here's how it works.


Answer a few questions and get matched with a portfolio that meets your specific goals, timeframe, and risk criteria.


Transfer funds from your bank account, transfer securities, or roll over a retirement account.


Our technology adjusts and rebalances your portfolio as the market changes.

Get started investing for less

Open a J.P. Morgan Automated Investing account with as little as $5002 and pay an advisory fee starting at 15¢ a month.1

Move the slider to estimate your advisory fee. For full details, see our disclosures (PDF).

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Your annual advisory fee1 (0.35%)

We'll help keep you on track.

Our resources make it simple to track your performance.

See the full picture

Seamlessly manage your finances on one dashboard, with a comprehensive view of your J.P. Morgan, Chase, and external accounts.

Track your performance

Monitor your investments as often as you like using our performance-tracking charts and tools.

Get help when you need it

You have a direct line to our dedicated specialists who can answer your questions as needed.

Balance your risks and rewards.

Our portfolios — with risk profiles ranging from conservative to aggressive — are built with a mix of J.P. Morgan ETFs5 and cash, and seek to manage risk and maximize returns based on your needs. Retirement portfolios that use our glide path strategy will automatically adjust these allocations over time.4  How A glide path works

  • Low risk tolerance
  • Relatively short time horizon
  • Three years minimum to invest

Appropriate for the investor...

Who seeks both investment stability and modest income potential from an investment portfolio.

  • Moderate risk tolerance
  • Longer time horizon

Appropriate for the investor...

Who seeks relatively stable growth with a lower level of potential income than with the Conservative Profile.

  • Relatively high risk tolerance
  • Longer time horizon

Appropriate for the investor...

Who isn't focused on current income and seeks above-average growth, with the main objective of capital appreciation.

  • High risk tolerance
  • Long time horizon

Appropriate for the investor...

Who seeks high growth potential with a portfolio that may fluctuate more frequently and over longer time periods.


Fixed Income & Cash


US & International Equities

Compare account types.

Want to see all the details? Read our full plan comparison.

Individual taxable account

General Investment

This is a standard individual or joint investment account.

Consider this if...

You want the flexibility to invest as much as you want — and withdraw your money at any time.

$500 Minimum

Start here

Retirement account

Traditional IRA

You can contribute funds that may be tax-deductible7, and plan to pay taxes on your withdrawals in retirement.

Consider this if...

You think your tax rate will be lower once you reach retirement.

$500 Minimum

Start Here

Retirement account

Roth IRA

If eligible, contribute after-tax dollars8 now, and get tax-free withdrawals on qualified distributions9 later.

Consider this if...

You think your tax rate will be the same or higher once you reach retirement.

$500 Minimum

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You can open a J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing account and start trading with as little as $1. Apply now.

To open a J.P. Morgan Automated Investing account, you need to deposit at least $500 so we can create a diversified portfolio that fits your goals. Apply now.


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